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Case Study

Case Study: Better Looks SA

Better Looks SA is a private company of health and beauty consultants specialized in the cosmetic surgery market in Costa Rica. The goal of the firm is to provide high quality customer service to people who are interested in travelling to Costa Rica to have procedures or treatments performed under the best of medical care for very low prices.

Therefore, when Better Looks came to Innova Design for help, we already knew that they needed to concentrate on their website and their online marketing since their business depends solely on the visitors to their web pages. This company is a perfect example of an online business that needed to invest in all the services that Innova Design offers so that their sales would increase and their business would flourish.

We will take a look at each of the services provided and give a small explanation of what was done for each.

Logo Design - Better Looks needed an eye-catching design to represent their company since it would speak for the board certified surgeons and staff with which they work with. Better Looks wanted their clients to know that they would be taken care of and that they would receive the best customer service. They wanted to give the impression of being an "approachable" company so that people would have no qualms in asking their questions about cosmetic surgery. Our logo design team sat down and planned their logo with great details choosing the color and lines. They finally came up with this:

Web design - Better Looks wanted an easy to navigate website that was eye-catching and informative at the same time. They wanted their clients to find the information they needed easily and quick, while at the same time giving the impression of being a secure and responsible company that knew what it was doing. Using this as a base, our web design team went ahead and created the site.

Programming - When a company bases its sales on customer service, it is very important that the communication between parties is flawless. Thus, our programming team provided an ideal solution for Better Looks by coming up with an instant message system where clients can write their questions and comments concerning all the different types of surgeries. At the same time, Innova Design created another instant message system for clients to contact the surgeons affiliated with the site directly.

Content writing - When it comes to plastic surgery, it is of great importance for clients to be informed. Thus, Innova Design's writing team did research on all the different types of surgeries that Better Looks provides and wrote detailed descriptions of each, including the risks of the procedures, the recovery period needed for each treatment and comprehensive explanations about how the surgery takes place. But we didn't stop there. Our writing team came up with all kinds of articles related to cosmetic treatments which help clients choose the best surgeon, the best recovery centers and the ideal procedure for their respective situations.

Print work - Since Better Looks works with many plastic surgeons, they needed to have some sort of print work with which to advertise their company. Thus, Innova Design came up with series of folders, notepads and stationary that can be given to clients or affiliates. The merchandise was designed by using the Better Looks' logo as a base for the colors and shapes.

Brochure - Print advertising is a traditional type of marketing that can have great effects on the sales of a company. Innova Design came up with an informative and alluring brochure for Better Looks so that they can distribute it in health clinics or at doctors' offices. Business cards - A firm's business card is essential when it comes to giving first impressions, this is why Innova Design took its time to come up with a simple yet special card for Better Looks. Once more, our team used the company's logo as a base as well as their need to give the impression of being secure and responsible firm.

Internet Marketing - Innova Design worked with Better Looks so that link exchange programs were launched as well as initiating an affiliate program campaign. Our team made sure that the Better Looks link can be found in the most important cosmetic surgery websites in Costa Rica as well as the personal sites of many surgeons.

Search engine optimization - In the cosmetic surgery industry, it is necessary for your website to have high rankings in all kinds of search engines. Thus, Innova Design's team did their research of the entire market and managed to point out the keywords and key phrases that would optimize Better Looks' site. Working together with our writing team, we made sure to include these in the content of the pages and, after some time of intense work, our efforts paid off. Better Looks is now on the top ranks of cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica in all of the main search engines.

Web maintenance - Innova Design signed a contract with Better Looks which provides full maintenance of their website, including email server, so that the functioning of their site is always in top shape. If there are any errors, they are reported and dealt with immediately so that the site always performs with great efficiency.



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